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Profile Page Redesign BETA

We have been working on a redesign of the profile page, reorganizing information so it is easier to scan/process. These changes include:
  • Modifying the buttons in the blue bar across the top so that they are actions to perform. We also added text to make it clear what each link is, and buttons for View Journal, Send Message, and Join/Leave Community.

  • Moving stats that were hidden behind
    up top, sort of like an LJ ID card. For communities, we've added into this section membership and posting access status, so you can see at a glance whether it is open or not. We also wanted to have Support Points higher up because our volunteers deserve the recognition for what they do!

  • Grouping together other parts of an LJ account so they're linked from the same area on the page: Journal (and journal info such as title, subtitle, stats), Memories, ScrapBook, To-Do List, Virtual Gifts.

  • Moving Schools up to the area with basic info and contact information. For communities, we've added the maintainers and moderators list here as well.

  • Bio and interests have not changed; it still expands the width of the page.

  • Friends, Communities, and Feeds are now grouped under each of those headings for clarity.

If you'd like to beta test the new profile page, you can turn it on here. Every profile you view after that will have the new design. (You can turn it off from the same page)
note: the "..." link to the extended friends list does not currently work in beta.

We'd love to know what you think, and how it works on your profile and your communities' profiles. One of the largest challenges with this project is that different profiles display different amounts of content, so let us know if there is something that does not fit.
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