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New Template for LJ Design Community

I know that it has been a long time coming but I wanted to officially announce my arrival here at LiveJournal with the redesign of our community. My name is Gregory Kennedy and I started here at LiveJournal about 4 months ago as the new Global Creative Director. While it might sound fancy, my job here is simple: to help guide the design teams in both the US and Russia.

Some of my goals for LiveJournal and the teams are:

1) Improve the overall usability of the product. I simply want to make it easier to do all the things that are unique to LJ. We have already started making some small changes that people may have noticed (like the new footer). But we have plans to make a lot more changes. Some of the projects we are working on include consolidating all the different settings from around the site into one easy to find place. Another ongoing project we are working on is to improve the design of the profile page. A new version of the page should go into beta sometime this week

2) Give the LiveJournal brand more love. The actual brand of LiveJournal has a rich history and is really fantastic. But no one was ever directly responsible for it. Some of the work we have done in that area is to create a style guide with a design framework for both the US and Russia teams to follow. This way there is more consistency and we act as one company. Another example of our new design direction can be seen with our corporate site:

3) Help make LiveJournal great. I think that LiveJournal is a great product and has so much potential. In addition to the core team that has been with LJ for a long time, there are a lot of new people here working with me. Together we all have a lot of ideas about how we can improve LiveJournal and make it truly great. I won't go into all the details, but we are working on a bunch of exciting stuff that that fits within the spirit and heritage of the LJ.

We also have a new team member here in the San Francisco office. Liz Luxenberg (LJ username lizlux) just started working with chasethestars and myself. She is a very capable and talented person. We are both happy to have her on the team.

Lastly I just want to say that I welcome feedback from the community. LiveJournal is a company that values our users and wants input. We actively manage this forum and read all the comments posted in it.
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