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Profile Page Design - Fix for Broken HTML in Bios

For people who had HTML in bios that was broken by the new Profile Page design. We just pushed live a fix to correct the problem. If you're still experiencing problems with the HTML in your bio, please let us know.

Update 7:26pm PST
We just wanted to let you all know that we are reading all the comments. We thought that we would post here again to clarify why we are doing this:
  • The current profile page does not scale well, and has not been significantly upgraded for years.
  • Our goal is to make the primary actions clear. This is why we're adding text next to the button icons, and calling out select actions.
  • We also have grouped information together that was scattered throughout the page.
As for an opt-out, the problem is that we have enough trouble making changes to the all the different permutations of LiveJournal that exist now. Going forward we have to be careful about how much complexity we add to the site because it makes the design and maintenance very difficult, and increase our response time to fixing problems.

Please read through lj_design. There you can see the months of history and work that were done on this page. All of our comments and feedback can be found there.

Please continue to provide us with feedback. I only ask that you try to be as specific as possible. That way we can respond to your requests and incorporate your ideas.

Update 11-10-08, 1:04pm PST
As requested, we are removing the link to LJ Seek from the new profile page due to some concerns about how it affects your privacy. The patch will go live sometime this afternoon.

Update 11-10-08, 4:11pm PST
We are still going through all the feedback and should have a response ready sometime this week, hopefully tomorrow.
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