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another profile page update

detailbear had a great suggestion of putting Schools and External Services into the Interests section. Both Interests and Schools are ways of browsing LJ for other users, and External Services is another way to connect with users elsewhere on the web. This shortens the Basic Info section, and moves Schools further down the page.

The poll shows a clear preference for Basic Info before Bio. There were comments further explaining some voters' choice that Basic Info only go before Bio if it was just the basic basic info, without schools and stats. This works well with the suggested rearrangement.

Here are the reworked mocks (again, shown as if you're looking at someone else's profile, in which the edit links wouldn't be visible to you):

We have decided to keep the profile page flexible width for now; setting a page width conflicts with keeping the bio full-width to allow for maximum usage of customization space, and the reason for pushback of a multiple column format profile page. We also want to keep it consistent with most of the rest of the site. When we revisit the design of LiveJournal as a whole, we will come back to this. If you are running at large resolutions and prefer not to have so much going across your screen, resizing your browser is always an option.

We have also looked at alternate methods of displaying long lists (interests, friends/communities/feeds), including replacing the commas with bullets, as suggested by gossymer. We've decided to leave the links as they are for now, and in the future, will look into displaying Friends, Communities, and Feeds in a more effective way, with more options.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the new mockups.
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