August 31st, 2006

me: red, me: camera

Expressive updates

We're glad you've given Expressive so much love. <3
There were some bugs that we didn't catch before the release, but most of those should be fixed now, and we're working on the ones that aren't. Thanks for helping us find them, and for letting us know.

We've also implemented a few things of the things that you have asked for:

hide/show different sections of your sidebar Collapse )
tags in a cloud or tags in a list Collapse )
custom text bug fixed Collapse )
sticky post Collapse )
browser problems
The problem with comments overlapping in IE has been fixed, but the code still needs to be pushed (next week). In the meantime, you can fix the overlapping on your own journal by adding *html .comment { height: 1%; } to the your stylesheet or in the custom css box. We're still working on the double scrollbar in older versions of Safari.