September 19th, 2006

i'm a pirate!
  • burr86

the s.s. internland sails again!

Avast ye me mateys! Cap'n Redburrd here.

The scallywags aboard the H.M.S. LiveJournal had thought they'd gotten rid of us, but we be back for more! And what better day than Talk Like a Pirate day? Help us plunder and pillage LiveJournal Land! Update yer captain's log, check up on yer mateys, or give us pieces of eight.

If yer brave, put on your pirate-wear and post pictures here in the comments. (But please, no treasure chests or booty -- this post isn't rated arrrr!) Our parrot might come 'round and send ye some doubloons! Brave be ye, for certain, but arrr ye willin' ta dress up fer those userpics?