October 11th, 2006

me: red, me: camera

Mixit themes and themes from The Style Contest

We just released Mixit, which is really the same as Expressive except for one thing – while Expressive is ported-over Vox themes, Mixit has themes that are specific to LJ, that will only be available on LJ. We chose the name Mixit because it will be a mix of various layouts (some will be cute, some will be dark, some will be clean, etc. etc.)

For those of you who liked Expressive, but didn't want to use it because the themes were *too* cute, check out Nevermore :). It's the only one there now, but more will be available soon!

The winners from The Style Contest are also now available, along with some other themes from the contest. The layout name that you'll find these themes under is Style Contest. (preview screenshots will be coming soon)

New themes have also been added to Expressive: Endless Summer, Flowers, Landscape, Manga, Butterflies, Camo, Food, Modernist, Ocean.