October 26th, 2006

me: red, me: camera

8 new themes (Thanks Piximix!)

The guys at Piximix designed some very cute themes for us, each one featuring an original character of theirs. Pixipets Death and Kaboom Bros Graffiti are available to all users, and can be found under the layout Mixit. Paid/Perm users also have access to Piximix Appley, Piximix Limey, Piximix Orange, Pixipets Cats, Pixipets Panda, and Pixipets Robot, which are themes in Expressive. Previews are available here and here coming soon for the others; lj_design is sporting Pixipets Death in the spirit of Halloween.

Piximix also made userpics; feel free to grab any or all of these to match the theme(s) you choose, or because they're just too irresistibly cute not to have!

Collapse )

Find out how Piximix got started, and learn more about the characters in this Collapse ).

For more Piximix:
website: http://www.piximix.com
LJ community: piximix
syndicated feeds: pixipets and kaboombros
sketches: http://stationzero.org

Thanks for all the great themes and userpics, Piximix!