January 26th, 2007

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We started working on the vertical version of the new site scheme. Vertigo is the sibling to Horizon, and its look and feel and functionality is a cross between Horizon and Dystopia. We've mocked this up, and would like your feedback on it. A few of the points we're specifically interested in:

  • links: In Dystopia, there are some useful site links in the top right (in the purple bar). In Vertigo, would you prefer those links to remain in the top bar, or moved to the main navigation on the left under the LiveJournal and Help headings?

  • navigation: How do you feel about the width of the navigation column (and/or the length of text in each navigation link)? It can be as small as 100px, to line up with the userpic above (shortened link text, or wrapped if it can't be shortened), or it can be a little wider (full version of link text) with padding added on either side of the userpic.

  • userpic – display or don't display? Do you want to see your default userpic in the top left corner (like it is in Horizon), or do you not want it there at all (Dystopia)?

  • colors: The colors on Vertigo will match those on Horizon. We'll be making another post soon regarding the colors/fonts/etc. of the Horizon/Vertigo set, so please save your feedback on that stuff till then. Please give us your feedback regarding colors here.

Visuals (click thumbnails to view fullsize)
Navigation wider than 100px, with the links on the top bar:

Navigation at 100px, links moved to the main navigation, with and w/o userpic:

Links per account level (as link text would read in the wider version; links will be the same in the 100px version, just shortened):

*the mockups show the navigation as the Plus version because it shows all the links (Basic doesn't have access to Scrapbook), as well as where the upgrade icons will be (Paid/Perm doesn't see these)

Poll #914600 feedback on Vertigo

Where to place "Home | Site Map | Viewing Options | Help"?

Other (please describe in comments)

Width of navigation column:

Other (please describe in comments)


Other (please describe in comments)

Feel free to elaborate in the comments on why you voted for what you voted for. Also, comment with any other feedback that is relevant to the layout and functionality (see note above regarding colors) of Vertigo. We welcome both compliments and criticisms, but please keep them on-topic. (and if you don't like it, please tell us why you don't, and/or suggest what changes can be made to change that)

Thanks in advance for your feedback and suggestions!