January 29th, 2007

  • veroz

LiveJournal's Visual Style

We're going to be rolling out some minor style changes to Horizon soon and as mentioned in chasethestars's post, we're working on Horizon's sister scheme, Vertigo.

Since Horizon and Vertigo will be sharing the same style and colors, we'd like to take the opportunity to get some feedback from you guys and give them a little makeover!

First of all, are there any bugs/issues with Horizon that we haven't addressed?
Display issues? Font sizes?

What enhancements would make Horizon/Vertigo better?
What do you think about the organization? Is there a navigation link missing that would make your life easier? How about the visual style?

And finally, what colors would you prefer in the navigation?

Light blues
Dark blues
Neither; I'll make a suggestion in the comments.

As always, feel free to elaborate and share ideas in the comments, but we ask that you please stay on the topic of Horizon/Vertigo's look and feel, it makes our job a lot easier! Thanks in advance!