March 16th, 2007

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Vertigo Beta - it's here!

As you may have already heard in news, we just launched the beta version of Vertigo!

There seems to be a bit of confusion going around, so for clarification's sake...
We are *not* replacing Horizon with Vertigo; they are the same site scheme (same links, same styling, etc.). Horizon is the horizontal version with drop-down menus, and Vertigo is its vertical counterpart, with all the links openly displayed instead of in a sub-menu.

That said, to try out Vertigo, go to the Viewing Options page, and select VertigoBETA  as your site scheme (and hit [Save] at the bottom of the page). You can switch back at any time via this page.

There's a BETA FEEDBACK link in the top blue bar in VertigoBETA  – we'd love to hear what you think, what works for you, and what doesn't. Commenting has been disabled on this post because we'd like to keep the feedback all in one place, so please use the form; we do read every piece of feedback that comes in, and appreciate your input. See the rest of this post for what we've added/changed based on your feedback from a few posts ago. Collapse )We also cleaned up some of the links in the submenus. The ordering and organization of the links is something we are still discussing over, along with the colors/styling, and the feedback we received on that.

Thanks for all the great feedback so far; keep it coming! :)