April 23rd, 2007


Vertical Horizon

Hiya. I'm jimramsey  , one of the drones from sector 7G, er, I mean one of the UI Engineers here at LiveJournal.

Thanks to everyone who submitted Vertigo feedback. Your comments and suggestions were extremely helpful.

The goal of the Vertigo site scheme is to give people the option of having the site navigation in the left sidebar rather than in the drop-down menus at the top of the page. It's a request that we've gotten from a lot of users and it's one that we definitely want to address, especially since we are no longer officially supporting XColibur or Dystopia.

However, we started thinking that maybe a completely separate site scheme isn't the right way to address it. A site scheme has its own set of templates files, images, stylesheets, etc. Even if it looks similar visually, it's a separate entity from other site schemes.

So, what if instead of the Vertigo site scheme we simply offered options within Horizon that let you choose to have the navigation in the left sidebar? That would also make it easier for us to add more options in the future (like different color schemes or holiday themes) to let users further customize Horizon.

It might look something like this:

Update: Just to clarify, Horizon with vertical navigation will not use javascript drop-downs. It will be plain-old html just like Vertigo or Dystopia.

Poll #972093 vertical-horizon

Here's the chance to put your $0.02 in:

I want options in Horizon that will let me choose to have the navigation in the sidebar and change the color scheme
I'd prefer Vertigo be an independent site scheme with its own look and feel; the custom options are of minimal importance