April 26th, 2007


Vertical Horizon, take 2

Let me try this again :)

I've altered my mockup of vertical-nav Horizon to anchor the sidebar to the side of the page since that was one of the major issues people had with the first version. Also, vertical-nav Horizon would not use javascript for the navigation -- it'd be basic html.

I'm also including a screenshot of Vertigo so people can compare side-by-side.

Note: The background of the sidebar won't necessarily be gray (this is just an example) and the "Home | Site Map | Viewing Options" links at the top won't be drop-downs.

Several people suggested that the poll in the previous post should have been two questions: 1) do you prefer drop-downs or sidebar navigation and 2) do you want to be able to customize the colors in the site scheme. Unfortunately, the reality is that we probably don't have enough time to create and maintain alternate color options and holiday themes for two independent site schemes.

My goal in suggesting the sidebar navigation option in Horizon was to expand the options within a single site scheme rather than give a choice between two site schemes. Ideally, this would simplify things on our side while letting users actually have more control over their LJ experience.

Again, feedback is welcome.