September 27th, 2007

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New Customize Journal Area in Beta

One of the big projects we've been working on this year is a redesign of the Customize Journal area. After a lot of hard work, it's ready for Beta Testing! You can test it out by going here and turning on the "New Customize Area" beta feature. Then go to the Customize Journal page to check it out. You can leave us feedback on this post in lj_feedback.

Our main goal was to make it more user-friendly and scalable. Read on for some of what we changed and why.

We split up the Customize Area into a 2-step process, with the second step being optional:
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Go try out these changes, and let us know what you think on this post in lj_feedback (comments for this post are disabled so we can track all feedback in one place). Do you like it? Hate it? Be sure to let us know why.