October 25th, 2007

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New Customize Journal Area has launched

The New Customize Journal Area has launched. Thank you to everyone who beta-tested and left helpful feedback! If you find any more bugs, please open a ticket in Support.

Things we've added/changed since Beta:
  • Search! You can search by name of the theme, layout, or designer. Partial matches also work – typing "blue" will bring up all themes with "blue" in the theme, layout, or designer name. (We removed the temporary layout drop-down from the "All" category because search allows you to filter by layout)
  • Pagination and # of themes. We changed the pagination to a drop-down so you can easily jump to any page you'd like. We also added an option that allows you to select how many themes you want to see per page (6, 12, 24, 48, 96, or all).
  • An "Edit Layer" link if your current theme is a custom layer.
  • Some small copy changes.
  • Contained the nasty bug that was causing slowness/freezing in IE.
The Manage Links List section will be pulled into the UI soon.

Other ideas from your feedback that we really like and hope to implement in the future:
  • Tagging themes with keywords to make it easier to find specific designs (e.g. sushi, horses, music, etc.)
  • Be able to find themes based on features (has tag cloud, sticky post, etc.) and wizard customization options (edit fonts, comments text, etc.). Tagging would also work for this.
  • A "favorites" or "saved themes" drop-box

Just a reminder of some things that have changed with Customize:
  • Customizations made using the wizard are now based on your theme, not the layout it's under. If you switch to a different theme in the same layout, it will have the default theme settings. If you switch back to the theme you had before, your customizations should still be there.
  • Previewing a theme you have customized will show those customizations, not what is in the thumbnail. The thumbnail shows only what the theme looks like, without your customizations (these images are static, not generated).
  • "Advanced" has been renamed to "Developer Area" and is now its own section. The link can be found following the categories, near the link to switch to S1.
  • Cuteness Attack faces are now their own theme.
  • The ad placement option from the ad settings page is now on the Page Setup section (below the theme previews)
  • The Nav Strip options from the Viewing Options page is now with the color options in the Navigation Strip area of the Customize Journal Style page

What's next?
Look for an overhaul of the v-gifts shop page soon! Look forward to being able to buy more than one v-gift without having to click back through two pages and scrolling down multiple screens!