November 29th, 2007

me: red, me: camera

New V-Gift Shop Page

The v-gift shop page has been long overdue for a redesign. It was fine when we only had 7 v-gifts, but as we kept adding more, it became more of a pain to use, and we had to limit which v-gifts were available each month so the page wouldn't end up too many screens too long. It was still too long.

The other major problem with the v-gift shop page was that if you wanted to send multiple v-gifts, you had to click through a bunch of pages for each one: add v-gift -> cart -> gift shop home -> add v-gift, repeat.

We hope you find the new page easier to use.

some highlights:
  • all v-gifts are available again, any time of the year
  • categories
  • preview the larger version of the v-gift before you send
  • add multiple v-gifts without cycling through multiple pages

stuff that's still on our list:
  • ability to send a v-gift to multiple recipients at once
  • auto-complete your friends' usernames, or select from a drop-down
  • display v-gift message on cart page