May 22nd, 2008

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the future of this community

I'd like this community to be some kind of active again, with more regular updates. Perhaps in easy to digest bytes a la lj_releases. Would you be interested in seeing updates here any time design-related things go out, instead of only when major changes take place? I'm thinking of short posts, with before and after screenshots where relevant. And informal in tone.

Large scale projects will still be introduced in news, and we will still ask for your feedback. Whether feedback posts end up being made in this community or lj_feedback, it will be linked to from the other and in news. I'm just checking for interest in the smaller changes.

This poll is closed.

Should this community contain summaries of design changes as they go live, regardless of how large or small the change?


If yes, how often?

with each release (usually every other week)
once a month