May 23rd, 2008

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community settings pages and v-gifts

Thanks for answering the poll! Here are the changes from the last release:

Community Settings Pages:
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Small usability fixes until we can make the community management area better as a whole:
  • Combined "Member Posting Restrictions" and "Non-Member Posting Restrictions" boxes because it doesn't make sense that you can select "All Members" from one and then "Only members can post" from the other.
  • Also moved in the posting restrictions so there's just one section for posting access options.
  • Changed Adult Content setting from drop-down to radio buttons to match the rest of the page.
  • Added "work as" drop-down and navigation to the top of community management pages for easier navigation.
  • Added text in members page to explain what it does, and how to invite someone to the community.

New V-Gifts:
  • daisy
  • theatre masks
  • tiara