June 19th, 2008

me: red, me: camera

new themes, v-gifts, and misc. other things

This release (R32):
  • 2 new Flexible Squares themes:
    "Circular" and "Circular Brown" (links show preview of your journal)
  • Updated list of Featured themes:
    Banana Tree (Smooth Sailing), Circular (Flexible Squares), Elephant Summer (Expressive), Endless Summer Sand (Expressive), Monochrome Blue (Gradient Strip), Nautical (Flexible Squares), Nautical (Generator), Refried Tribute (The Boxer), Summer Love (Style Contest), Swimmingly (Style Contest), The Great Outdoors (Style Contest), Woodcut Summer (Expressive)
  • New v-gifts:
    Chocolate Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, Tea, Coffee, Curry, Sushi (image)
  • Removed Random Journal link
    that was added to navstrip last release
  • Next/previous links
    in journal entries have been modified so it skips entries you don't have access to.
Pretty much the only design-related thing from last release was the Purple Rhino Charity V-Gift.