July 7th, 2008

me: red, me: camera

some small UI fixes, more to come

  • Changed link to /customize in the Journal menu from "Customize Journal" to "Change Journal Theme", and added a link to /customize/options.bml in the main navigation as well: "Customize Journal Theme"
  • Javascript confirmation that you have applied a theme when you click the Apply Theme button.
  • Comments Settings and Viewing Options, which are linked off the Edit Profile page, now all have links back to each other.
  • On the Edit Entries page, the latest 5 entries now appear on the page so you don't have to search first.
  • For consistency with other action pages, editing an entry now displays a confirmation page instead of redirecting back to the entry.
  • Changed some wording on polls and the poll creation wizard because "Who can view this poll? None" and "results viewable to: None" is misleading since the tally of votes is still visible. "Results" is now "Detailed results" since what is viewable is who answered and what their answers were, as well as text answers. "None" becomes "Just me" if you are the creator of the poll.
  • Copy change on the TxtLJ settings (/manage/sms) - "Default Text Friends Page Display" to "Default friends group for FRIENDS command"
  • CSS fixes to the Circular themes that went out last release: fixed overlapping issue on reply pages, added padding to userpic and blurb text in the sidebar.