September 25th, 2008

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design related changes in R39

  • For Paid and Permanent users, ?style=mine is now available as a persistent preference with toggle on/off in the nav strip. More details in paidmembers here.
  • Graphic Previews (Snap) is now a viewer option rather than journal setting. More details in news here.
  • Changed "Change Journal Theme" to "Change Journal Style" and "Customize Journal Theme" to "Customize Journal Style" in the Journal menu on the main navigation.
  • HTML fix in Expressive and Mixit layouts (they were missing closing divs).
  • Fixed alignment in Writer's Block on the homepage.
  • Updates to Profile Beta.
me: red, me: camera

Profile Beta, Round 2

To turn on beta testing of the profile page, click the Beta Profile Page link in the header. If you still have this enabled from last time, you should automatically see the new version whenever you view a profile page. You can also append ?ver=2008 to the end of any profile url.

Here are some screenshots comparing the current profile page on LiveJournal, the profile from the last beta, and the new profile that's in beta:
Your Own Profile Current Last Beta New Beta
(with ads) Current Last Beta New Beta
Someone Else's Profile Current Last Beta New Beta
Community Profile Current Last Beta New Beta

The main feedback from the last beta was that there was too much white space, unbalancing the page (when there is no ad), and that schools was too large/prominent. A lot of you also felt that the Tell A Friend and To-Do List links weren't useful on the profile, and that there should be a link to the tags page.

We redid the top section.

We decided on a standardized set of action links that are always present on the page. If you don't have access to a particular action, it will be disabled (e.g. a user has disabled v-gifts, or a community that allows only select members to post). The links for each view are as follows:

Your Profile: Add/Modify Friend, View Journal, Post an Entry, Tracking, Send V-Gift
Someone Else's Profile: Add/Modify Friend, View Journal, Track User, Send Message, Send V-Gift
Community Profile: Join/Leave, Watch/Modify Watch, View Journal, Post, Track, Send V-Gift
Syndicated Feed Profile: Subscribe/Modify Subscription, View Journal, Track Feed
Open ID Profile: Add/Modify Friend, Track User, Send Message, Send V-Gift

Other elements of the top section include journal info and stats (number of entries, last updated, comments, Memories, tags, ScrapBook files), account stats (LJ user number, join date, Support points, v-gifts), and account type.

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Feedback & Bugs

As always, we welcome and appreciate your feedback. If there's something you don't like, please explain why you don't like it, and suggest alternative ideas if you have any. Please also let us know of any bugs you find.

Known Bugs

  • The last updated date on accounts with 0 posted entries is incorrect.
  • Missing anti-spam on IM addresses (#)
  • Account level is misaligned in older site schemes (Dystopia and Xcolibur) and Lynx
  • Overlap in lower resolutions
  • The way schools wrap when length is longer (#)
  • Sometimes "comments" isn't plural when it should be (#)
  • Journal title for OpenID profiles link to their journal, which does not exist (#)
  • It says "Modify Friend" instead of "Add Friend" when someone has you added as a friend, but you haven't add them yet.