November 3rd, 2008

me: red, me: camera

Profile Page to go Live

Thank you for all your feedback! The new profile page will go live for all users in the next release (Thursday) with the following changes:
  • expand/collapse selection will stick when visiting a different profile
  • addition of links to view friends page
  • addition of links to edit profile and manage friends
  • if you have userpics, but no default selected, the link will be to allpics.bml instead of editpics.bml

Future Plans

For the future, we are thinking of separating the bio out from the profile into its own page. The idea behind this being one is a free-for-all for self-expression, and the other is for standardized information about the user and their account.

The profile would stay an app-styled page containing user info. The new bio page (or "About" or whatever it will be called) would match your journal style, or have its own layout entirely. Maybe instead of a separate page linked from the journal and profile, this would be a tab in the profile.

So far, this is just an idea and we're only brainstorming. What do you think? Would you like to see this happen? How would you like it to work?