December 5th, 2008

me: red, me: camera

design related changes in R43

Journal Styles
  • Subject lines in system layouts now link to the entry page (on the Recent Entries page, Friends Page, Day View (every page that can display multiple entries). eta: Known issues in A Sturdy Gesture, Nebula, and The Boxer.
  • New journal layout, Minimalism, which has 25 themes:
    • Aquatic Moon
    • Autumn Time
    • Bad Weather
    • Black Pit
    • Claret Mood
    • Crazy Day
    • Crimson Valley
    • Dark Wood
    • Deep Ocean
    • Depth
    • Desert Fire
    • Desert Memories
    • Entries on the Wall
    • Fire Smooth
    • Forest Afar
    • Heavenly Color
    • Notebook
    • November Day
    • Outline
    • Randomness
    • Red Style
    • Stone Age
    • Travel Afar
    • University
    • Valley of Silence

Beta Settings Page
  • Security question on Account tab: changed to "question is set" instead of showing the actual question.
  • If a change is made but not saved, there is a JS alert on any action that would leave the page, instead of only when switching tabs.
  • Site Scheme options now include short descriptions in parenthesis after names: Horizon (site default), Vertigo (vertical navigation), Lynx (light)
  • PIN for mobile posting is hidden on set up page (but not in the instructions)
  • Changed gray description text to be the same color as the rest of the text on the page (black) so it didn't look inactive/disabled.
  • Added text to the top of the page linking to edit profile and journal style.
  • Added "Find by Email" choices to "Privacy" tab.

Profile Page
  • Added commas to numbers in stats on profile page where they were missing.
  • Collapsing and then re-expanding v-gift section no longer introduces huge whitespace.
  • Fixed bug which added an extra </div> if Posting Access list is empty.
  • Borders on images placed into the "Bio" section of the profile will now show up.
  • A post with further profile design changes is forthcoming.