December 18th, 2008

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Updated Profile Page

We have been working on the profile page since summer (the initiative was first started 2 years ago). It's been a very challenging and enlightening 6 months. After multiple rounds of betas and feedback, we have something we're happy with, and hope you are too. The usability of the page has greatly improved, and the information is easier to take in at a glance. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the many iterations of this page. We could not have ended up with the profile page we did without your input.

The most recent changes we have made:
  • Action links are now in a vertical list rather than across the top
  • Section headers changed to match the design on the Customize Journal Style page
  • Reorganized display of information in the top area
  • Moved External Services and Schools below Interests
  • Changed AIM service icon
  • Added an [x] that will remove the yellow feedback notice

There are still several usability improvements that could be made to the profile page, such as the display of friends/communities/feeds. We will continue to work on those ideas in the future, but will be returning most of our efforts to the Consolidated Settings page now, as well as focusing on other things for 2009.

We look forward to hearing what you think. Please also let us know if they are any bugs.

Known Issues:
  • Long schools don't wrap; the whole section folds below
  • If you're seeing a white background on the icons in the action links, try shift+refresh and/or clearing your cache
  • Action links stagger in Internet Explorer when browser text size is set to smaller than the default