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Steven and Winnie

More pretty

A long while back, before I started working here, LiveJournal ran a poll of what users would really like to see improved. And the first option, by a landslide, was an option called "more pretty." I'm doubtful that's what the actual poll said, but that's how kevink described it, and I believed him.

Point being, users want more styles.

And so I hired veroz, and he was supposed to design styles for us. And he did. He designed the now infamous Cuteness Attacks. And we wanted to make more, but we ran into problems. S2 was hard for us to learn. We had to rely on the Engineering team to code new styles. They were busy working on new features and stability. I put veroz on other projects, time passes, and guess what? No new styles.

Depressing. So now what?

There's some good news. Six Apart is sponsoring a Style Contest for MovableType, TypePad, and LiveJournal. I spoke to jproulx and he thinks that LJ users can use the styles that are submitted to the contest. There's some caveats. You've got to use an S2 style, and you've got to use Bloggish. And he said something about making a layer to suck in the CSS. It got a little technical for me after that, but the point was that it can be done, even if it's not super easy, it's possible.

So it's not a perfect solution, but it's there! And I know there's good designers out there using LJ, so if you're interested in entering, or just learning more about it, click here.

And yes, there are prizes. The biggest being $4000.00.

Enter! Enter! Enter! And feel free to pass the word around. :)
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