Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in lj_design,
Abe Hassan

betanav feedback, round one

We've received over 750 pieces of feedback regarding the new "betanav" site scheme, and we've been sorting through them all in order to aggregate the most common pieces. We're nowhere near done, but we've seen a lot of things come up several times, and we thought we'd take a few minutes to mention the things people have mentioned. These are in absolutely no particular order. *g*

* POST TO COMMUNITY: Some people noted the redundancy of the "Post to Community" link. It is supposed to take you to the update journal page, but we were planning on making it also remember the last community you posted to and set the "post to" option to that community.

* FORM FIELDS: This one got reported a lot -- we know that the hover menus cause any drop-down select fields to disappear off the page. Working on fixing it; it's absolutely not going to stay that way.

* HOVERS: We currently have no delay in displaying the menus, and a little delay in closing them -- we're going to try swapping those. Many people said that the menus would pop up when they just happened to move their mouse over the region, and many others said that the menus wouldn't close (or would take a while to close).

* FRIENDS FILTERS: There's no link to the page where you can filter your friends page!

* SIZE: Looks horrible if you resize your window down below 1024x768, or if you increase/decrease your browser's font size. Also doesn't seem to render very well in Opera 9; we tested in Opera 8.53 and it looked functional, so we'll see what we need to do to support Opera 9, too.

* USERPIC: Userpic doesn't currently link to anything; we're going to make it link to your allpics.bml page instead, since there's no link to that anywhere else.

* CLUTTERED: A *lot* of people have brought up the issue of the clutter in the top bar. We know. *g* We're going to toy around with the various alternate suggestions people brought up (there were several!).

* SCRAPBOOK, SECURE PAGES: We haven't applied this scheme to the ScrapBook or the SSL pages yet, so you'll still see those in Xcolibur. (That's just a limitation of how the schemes need to be applied.)

* FONT: Many people have brought up the issue of the font, saying that they don't like the choice of Arial (the font size is the same, but Arial is just a smaller font) as opposed to Verdana. We're not sure whether we'll go back to Verdana, but we'll absolutely be looking into this to see what to do.

* PENCIL: The LJ pencil will be coming back once this is out of beta, don't worry!

* HELP: A lot of people brought up the issue of access to Support or to the FAQs; right now, they're in the mini-sitemap at the bottom of the page, but we'll see if we can move it to the top, instead.

We have a whole lot more that we haven't yet posted about, but these are the more common things we've been seeing in the feedback form. We'll keep reading everything that's submitted to see if we can integrate it into the design. Thank you for your help!
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