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more control over your layout (S2 only)

Choose between Horizontal and Vertical ads:
If you're a Plus user, you can now choose where the ads display on your journal:
  • Horizontal: two 728x90 leaderboard ads – one at the top and one at the bottom
  • Vertical: a 160x600 skyscraper on the side and a Google link unit at the bottom

You can choose your preferred placement on the ad-settings page. There's a link to it from the Customize Journal page.

Choose your own Navigation Strip colors:

A lot of users didn't like the navigation strip because of the colors. Or actually, the lack of color. Thanks to janinedog's hard work, there's now the option to add colors of your choosing!

At the bottom of the Custom Options box in the Customize Journal page, you will find an option for Navigation strip colors. Select whether you'd like to keep the original nav strip colors, or if you'd like to use custom colors with a background gradient, or just a solid colored background. You can then choose the colors you'd like in the Colors section.
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