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8 new themes (Thanks Piximix!)

The guys at Piximix designed some very cute themes for us, each one featuring an original character of theirs. Pixipets Death and Kaboom Bros Graffiti are available to all users, and can be found under the layout Mixit. Paid/Perm users also have access to Piximix Appley, Piximix Limey, Piximix Orange, Pixipets Cats, Pixipets Panda, and Pixipets Robot, which are themes in Expressive. Previews are available here and here coming soon for the others; lj_design is sporting Pixipets Death in the spirit of Halloween.

Piximix also made userpics; feel free to grab any or all of these to match the theme(s) you choose, or because they're just too irresistibly cute not to have!

Find out how Piximix got started, and learn more about the characters in this interview winniewong had with them a couple of weeks ago.

WW: Hi Piximix, how goes it?
Garth Webb: Hi there, we're doing well
Kyle Hoyt: We have our health.
WW: for now anyway :)
KH: That's what really matters, afterall.
KH: Do you know something we don't?
Rhandee Leano: health?
WW: naw, just teasing.
KH: Oh, Rhandee doesn't.
RL: hah
WW: Hey, so the themes you sent look great
chasethestars has coded them up. We're getting ready to release them.
RL: thank you! We're really excited about it
WW: So let's do a quick intro...
WW: So I know Garth, but I feel bad that I don't know more about the rest of you, seeing as how you've been so nice to us and all. How did you meet? How did you get started?
KH: Well, we've all worked together at some point.
RL: and actually got along...
KH: On the surface.
GW: especially when kyle's girlfriend [Catherine Maske] bakes chocolate cupcakes!
KH: Piximix actually started when Rhandee and I were shooting the breeze on our day job.
KH:Yeah, and we really wanted some cupcakes.
RL: oh yeah cupcakes!!!
KH: Wait, that's not us.
WW: My bullshit meter is blinking
KH: We wanted to make t-shirts.
WW: ah, that sounds more like it.
KH: With cool designs.
KH: Since we're such cool designers.
WW: Are you all designers?
KH: Rhandee and I are.
GW: I play one on tv
KH: We asked Garth to join us because he's a technical genius.
KH: Designers aren't good with math.
RL: thats for sure!
KH: He helps figure out tips at our company dinners.
KH: Oh wait, my cupcake baking girlfriend (who's actually my fiance), is also a collaborator.
WW: fiance! congrats!
KH: She makes awesome dolls of our characters and provides much needed criticism to my art.
RL: She's been absolutely great!...Lucky you foudn her Kyle
RL: oops sorry...can't type today..
WW: I'll have to hit her up for some cupcakes too.
WW: OK, so we know what your day jobs are...
tell us a little about the characters you draw.
Was Appley the first character? Kaboom brothers?
GW: We launched Piximix with Appley and the Kaboom brothers at the same time
KH: Yeah, those were our first characters.
KH: Appley came out of an old website I did.
GW: Kyle and Rhandee showed up at my house one day with a sketch book full of great ideas
KH: Stationzero.org
KH: Yeah, I came up with the Kaboom Bros. over lunch after we started Pximix.
KH: Oops.. Piximix.
KH: I can't spell our own name.
KH: Anyways...
WW: Well, we'll explain to the grammar police that you are nice guys and shouldn't be skewered.
KH: This thing is supposed to have a spell checker... why isn't Piximix in the dictionary?
KH: We're so famous!
WW: Shoot for Wikipwedia first.
Then...world domination.
KH: Yeah, but it turned out girls really liked our offering for guys...
KH: Lil'B [Kaboom Bros] is quite the ladies man.
KH: Or thing.
KH: Not many guys buy our pink Appley stuff, though. She's the little zombie fruit girl.
RL: Yeah, one thing I do like about our characters are that they are cute, but with an attitude
RL: abused and discarded...I'd be pissed too!
KH: You'd be bitter too, if someone took a bite out of your head..
KH: Yeah, they're all socially maladjusted.
WW: Haha, I think I need a userpic of that.
WW: So I found this picture of Appley in Japan with a loli fan
KH: Yes, I think we freaked her out with that.
WW: Appley didn't assault her did she?
KH: Yeah, but she's not pressing charges.
KH: Yeah, we don't take her out much now.
WW: Probably best. Nothing but lawsuits.
KH: Yes, that's an understatement.
KH: Me and Cat (the cupcake making one) went to Vegas and just left Appley in the hotel.
WW: Sorry, finish, your Vegas story? No Vegas story should ever be left unfinished.
KH: What happens in Vegas stays..
KH: Oh, you know.
WW: damn. I thought so.
RL: nice try winnie
WW: Appley looks like she fits in well in Japan tho.
WW: Is Japanese culture a big influence in your character design?
KH: Anyways, I have a scary collection of anime and manga...
KH: I used to draw a strip about anime fandom in a past life.
KH: I'm also a "Rising Star of Manga"! For what that's worth..
KH: Was in the first Tokyopop book.
WW: Nice! I wish I was as famous as you.
KH: Anyways, you can check out my old site at www.stationzero.org to see my art past.
RL: Kyle weren't there some relation to when you where born and Hello Kitty?
KH: Oh yes, we were "born" the same year.
WW: you and Hello Kitty?
KH: I have a giant HK doll at home.
KH: It's the size of a small child.
WW: wow....you win.
KH: It scares my real cats.
KH: I have lots of HK stuff.
WW: you are going to have to post a picture of that.
KH: What happens at my house stays...
KH: Yeah, it's like Vegas.
KH: Appley was envisioned as a sick version of Hello Kitty.
KH: I wanted to do pink angst.
WW: I think you got it.
KH: Woo!
WW: I bought the Appley tee. I like her. She reminds me of myself.
WW: *sniff*
KH: We have new ones...
WW: I'll have to check them out.
KH: And how about a doll?
KH: We have those, too.
WW: I find the doll a tad scary.
WW: I'm working my way up to the doll.
KH: Work faster!
KH: j/k
KH: Cat is working on mini-dolls.
WW: They look really hard to sew. My props to Cat. I sew a bit, but I don't think I could make Appley.
KH: Yeah, she's amazing with thread.
RL: would it better if they were "scratch n sniff"
WW: ummm. eeew.
RL: heheh
GW: I'm still working out the right 'rotten apple' smell
WW: umm, yeah. It may take me a bit longer to work up to the doll then.
WW: OK, so back to questions...
WW: We've got a lot of talented people on LJ, any advice for them, besides the standard "Follow your dreams. You can reach your goals, I'm living proof...Beefcake, BEEFCAKE!"?
KH: If their goal is getting on Geraldo, Beefcake is all they need.
WW: They still let Geraldo on the air?
KH: I hope so, we'd go on there.
GW: Beefcake helped me upgrade the piximix site to a more recent linux kernel
KH: Appley wants to throw a chair at him.
KH: Wow, why is Appley getting all the attention?
KH: I think the Pixipets are getting miffed.
KH: They haven't been mentioned once.
WW: They're the new kids, yes?
KH: Yes, they were kind of an accident.
GW: Their the new 'travel size' of piximix
KH: (Don't tell them, though)
WW: No worries, we will have them duke it out on LJ. You gave us userpics of everyone, so LJ users can decide which Pixipet "reigns supreme"
GW: Panda!
KH: Yeah, sure, Garth. You wish.
WW: Hey! I Like Pandas!
GW: Or quite possibly robot in his pimp outfit
KH: The Cat gets all the love when we go conventioning.
KH: And Death.
KH: Who doesn't love Death?
WW: ask me that again. :)
KH: Well, the character, not the thing.
WW: OK, before a fight breaks out over the supreme Pixipet...
WW: I have to give you the obligatory grief over not having an LJ community
What gives? No love for LJ?
KH: I have an LJ account.
KH: It's secret, though.
GW: I have an account as well
KH: Cat has one, she puts us to shame with her blogging abilities.
GW: she has mad blogging skilz
GW: and I've recently commandeered the piximix community
WW: Yes, I will be expecting great things from you.
KH: And we syndicate our comics there.
GW: Thats probably my favorite feature
GW: the syndication
RL: yes indeed!
KH: Hey, yeah, we're syndicated just like Geraldo!
WW: Well the LJ staff is bugging me about going to lunch, so I think we need to wrap things up.
WW: Thanks for talking to us. Any last words?
KH: Umm...
GW: Hey that was my last word!
RL: cupcakes!!!!
GW: agreed
WW: Excellent. Thanks guys.

For more Piximix:
website: http://www.piximix.com
LJ community: piximix
syndicated feeds: pixipets and kaboombros
sketches: http://stationzero.org

Thanks for all the great themes and userpics, Piximix!
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