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LiveJournal Design

info on the "look and feel" part of LJ

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Hi, and welcome to lj_design! This community is a way for LiveJournal team members to discuss design questions, issues, and new ideas for LiveJournal with the community. We'd love for you to have a glimpse of what it's like to be a designer here, and what the thinking is behind the design of LJ. It's also a good opportunity for the community to chime in.

Feel free to add this community to your friends page.
(the only difference between being a watcher and member of lj_design is that members can post, and that's limited to staff.)

Community Rules
Only design related feedback. We know that the community has strong opinions about...well..everything. But we can't address that stuff here. This community is just for the design stuff.

This means...
  • Sometimes we will test designs in this community. If you find bugs while the design is being tested, please leave a comment, but all bugs on the officially released version should be sent to Support.
  • If you're looking for layout help, here's an unofficial list of layout help communities. You can also try an interest search for "styles", "layout help", or simliar.
  • By the time an idea gets to the design phase, it's a done deal on the business side. If you have an opinion about us as a business, please visit lj_biz.
  • As far as ads go, they aren't our decision either. Our job is to make the appearance of the ad on the page look reasonable, but we don't make decisions on whether or not there is an ad. If you have an opinion about ads, please visit lj_ads.
  • Please be civil. You don't have to be nice, and you don't have to agree. Just be civil. If there's something you don't like, tell us why - constructive criticism is helpful; straight-out yelling is not.

Other official LJ communities you may be interested in:
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paidmembers: Information specific to paid members: sneak peeks at new features and special LJ-specific account offers.

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lj_biz: Information on LJ-the-business: why we've made the decisions we've made, and what business-related features and programs are coming up.

lj_maintenance: Messages from our Operations staff about downtime -- planned or unplanned! -- and scheduled maintenance.

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